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joint cost

When two different products share the same price it takes to manufacture one product.

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    Joint cost is the collection of the common operation costs incurred before a point called, split-off point, where joint products are identified as individual products.
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    Definition of joint cost: Expense which simultaneously benefits two or more products or department, and where it may not be possible to separate the contribution ...
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    Joint Cost Allocation. A. Characteristics--a common manufacturing process simultaneously produces two. or more products from a common input. 1.
    162 A joint cost is a cost of a production process that yields multiple products .... lowers the joint cost by the amount of byproduct net realizable values and results ...
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    Joint-Cost Basics. Joint products ... Joint Cost. 100 ÷ 645 31,008. 315 ÷ 645 97,674. 230 ÷ 645 71,318. 200,000 ... How much of the joint cost is allocated ...
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    Oct 23, 2009 ... Joint Cost Definition In accounting, a joint cost is a cost incurred in a joint process . Joint costs may include direct material, direct labor, and ...