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Pip cost calculator

If you want to exchange currency in order to receive a profit from the difference between the selling and the buying price of a currency, one of the important things you should know is the price of one Pip (the smallest price increment). Knowing pip’s cost, you will able to calculate and plan your orders.

To find the cost of one pip, we propose an online calculator with which you can calculate the pip’s price for 72 currency pairs with 12 account currencies and giving you the option to change the size of trade and manually indicate the exchange rate (if necessary) or to use real ones (used on our server).

Size of trade: the amount of currency that you’re trading per transaction
Account currency: the name of the base currency you used to set up your trading account
Currency pair: the currency pair associated with your foreign currency transaction
Show advanced options: optional fields which allow you to manually specify currency rates
specify quote exchange rate: specify quote exchange rate
specify base exchange rate: specify base exchange rate
Calculate Pip: