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non-callable bond

A bond that is not able to be redeemed prior to maturity. also called bulletbond.

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    With a callable bond, investors have the benefit of a higher coupon than they would have had with a straight, non-callable bond. On the other hand, if interest ...
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    Definition of non-callable bond: A bond that is not able to be redeemed prior to maturity. also called bulletbond.
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    A bond whose holder is not permitted to exchange it with the issuer in return for its face value. Non-callable bonds may be either traded or held to maturity.
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    non-callable bond definition: A bond that can't be called, or repaid, by the issuer before its maturity. The U.S. Treasury is the most common issuer of non-callable ...
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    If interest rates drop, a non-callable bond's market price will rise. ... The price behavior of a callable bond is compared with that of a similar non-callable bond.
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    Definition of NON-CALLABLE BOND: A bond that cannot be cashed in early. It can only be called upon maturation date.
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    In the case of a callable bond, investors will normally receive a higher coupon ( interest rate) compared to a non-callable bond. In addition, there is normally a ...
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    What is a callable bond? Most bonds issued today are "callable," which means corporations can recall them if interest rates. What are the advantages of callable ...