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nonrecurring charge

A one-time charge.

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    An entry that appears on a company's financial statements for a one-time expense that is unlikely to happen again. A nonrecurring charge is a one-time charge ...
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    A one-time expense or credit shown in a company's financial statement. Nonrecurring Charge. A charge, usually triggered by an extraordinary event, that ...
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    showed a $5 million operating loss combined with a $175 write-off of "impaired" assets and other nonrecurring charges. Commonwealth closes book on bad ...
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    One-time expense or write-off appearing in a companys financial statement; also called extraordinary charge.
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    Definition of nonrecurring charge: A one-time charge.
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    Also known as a nonrecurring item, a nonrecurring charge is a posting within the accounting books that documents a charge or expense that is considered to be ...
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    Nonrecurring Charge; Extraordinary Charge. A non-recurring charge is a one time expense that appears on a company's income statement. An example of a ...